URGENT – Regarding Lillies and Toxicity

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Lillies are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. The most minute amount of exposure can cause significant harm – or kill. Even with the best veterinarian care, these flowers sadly cause many cats to pass. Ingesting the smallest part of any of the lily plant can cause intoxication and death. Signs of ingestions and poisoning include depression, lethargy and vomiting. If untreated, acute kidney or renal failure may occur. If you suspect that your cat may have ingested part of a lily and is showing signs of lily toxicity, please visit an animal emergency hospital or your local veterinarian immediately.  


Please see the natural-based weed killers listed below. If you have to use Round-Up or other Glyphosate products, please read the instructions extremely carefully and follow them to the letter. It is particularly essential that they are not used in a QUEEN’S presence in the first trimester – it can cause severe deformities in your kittens.



  • Pool Salt
  • White Vinegar
  • Dishwashing Liquid

There are numerous recipes on the internet, each offering different measurements and proportions – but all ingredients of the natural recipe will not hurt your cat or kitten.