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As we are only a small team, we get to spend many quality hours with our kittens, keeping them healthy, happy, inquisitive and full of life. We tend to their every whim.
We are registered breeders, which means I am part of a governing body – Queensland Feline Association. QFA has a Code of Ethics that must be adhered to, and this Code of Ethics is what guides all our breeding decisions. This is why our kittens are sold as de-sexed pets.
As an ethical breeder, we do not have an endless supply of kittens or puppies. We take the welfare of our Queens and Studs very seriously; as well as our stud dog, and bitches. We research, plan and make sure that our cats and dogs are at their best before each mating. We make sure they have adequate time to regain their condition and wellbeing, before and after each mating. Each animal has at least one to two seasons off between matings, to ensure our animals are in good health.