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Brisbane’s Most Adorable Maine Coon Cats can be found in our kennels at Paws Plus Claws.

About Our Kittens

All kittens come with registered pedigree papers through QFA.

Kittens are raised in a nursery room, in our home. We have 1 dog, frequent litters of puppies, and 7 other Maine Coon cats.

All babies stay with their mothers until they are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flea/parasite treated and vet checked. This allows us to nurture our animals; ensuring they develop into healthy, secure, outgoing and affectionate kittens, with very impressive temperaments.

Our cats are ‘inside cats’ – they are treated as part of the family. All of our cats and kittens receive an abundance of hugs, playtime and a great deal of love.


Registered Pedigree Papers with QFA


Desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Wormed, Flea treated


Inside Cats!

A little about Maine Coon Cats

The Reliable Companion

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat, when mature. They are huge, both in size and personality. People have likened Maine Coons to dogs – they are just as sweet and obedient. They are intelligent, playful, sociable and gentle, making them excellent additions to the family unit. Maine Coons will even come to you, when called by their name!

I have been a Maine Coon Cat enthusiast for the last 30 years; my husband only ‘converted’ in the last twelve months.

Maine Coons are great with other pets. They’re also fantastic climbers, who love to sit up high and observe the world. Maine Coons can also be taught to swim. They’re capable of many tricks; such as playing fetch, and giving high fives.

They’re easily trained to walk on a harness and leash. They love interactive play with their owners. Maine Coons must not be allowed to run free, however; they very quickly travel long distances, and are prone to being stolen or hurt in their travels.


Height: Up to 41cm

Length: Up to 100cm
Weight: Varies, depending on size and diet (males are generally larger than females).
Longevity: Ranges from 9-13 years – but can live longer.


Should be carefully monitored. We recommend Felix, Paws and  Kangaroo meat, plus Royal Canin. Goat Milk, Zymil, and Jalna Yoghurt are great probiotics for upset tummies.


We use a ‘non-clumping’ litter – Riverina horse/pony pellets. 20kg bags are available at most produce stores; and it’s healthy for your cat and your pocket. Never use a clumping or crystal litter; these are extremely bad for your kitten or cat. Clean your litter box regularly.

Attributes of the Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cats have uniquely feathered ears. They also have tufts on the paws, which extend backwards like ‘snowshoes’. They do not usually mature until about four years of age; giving them a distinct kitten-like appearance in their youth.

Known as the ‘Gentle Giant’, Maine Coons are particularly placid and affectionate, in comparison to their other feline counterparts. I just adore their enthusiasm! They have the most beautiful, relaxed nature… even if they are a bit clumsy.

Maine Coons come in a variety of colours; their eyes also vary in colour, from specimen to specimen. Green, gold and copper eyes are most common in Maine Coons; although blue or odd-eye colours also occur, particularly in white cats.

No two Maine Coons look the same!

Maine Coons have an undercoat, overlayed with a glossy topcoat. As such, the coats of Maine Coon cats require regular brushing. The thick, shaggy-yet-silky waterproof coat of Maine Coons drapes longer over the stomach and behind the legs, and shorter over the shoulders.

 We find that after several brushes, the ‘Furminator’ comb works wonders for getting through all these thick layers of feline hair. They enjoy a bath if started when young.


DID YOU KNOW: Your Maine Coon could have a non-threatening condition called ‘Polydactylism’. This means that they may have one or more extra toes on each paw. However, because they are so hairy, people often don’t even notice.

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