Catit Drink Dispenser

These are essential.  We will personally not sell a cat unless they have a water drink dispenser of some sort.  Our cats use to drink less than one centimetre of water out of a still bowl.  The urine was strong and caught in your throat and eyes.  We were watching a David Attenborough,  programme on Big Cats and he mentioned that to cats still water is dangerous and mentioned that domestic cats have the same warning response.  He then went on to mention that there were dispensers out there that would help your cat and keep their kidneys nice and flushed.  

We immediately went out the next day and purchased 1 Catit.  To our surprise our cats each sat at the dispenser for over ten minutes just drinking.  They now go through over one litre of water per day.  In Queensland with the heat these are a must.  We then went out and brought 8 more.  They have replacement filters which we supply.

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