History of the Maine Coon Cat

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The ‘Maine Coon’, as the name suggests, is surrounded in mythology that the breed originated from a semi-wild domestic cat mating with a racoon.
Another theory is that ‘Maine Coons’ are descendants of six pet cats that Queen Marie Antoinette shipped to Wiscasset, Maine. She was planning her escape from France during the French Revolution. Sadly, as we know, she was beheaded before she managed the trip.
Perhaps a more plausible story is that these majestic cats originated from short and long haired cats brought to America by either the Vikings, or European sailors, who docked in New England during the 1700’s.
Genetic testing indicates the Maine Coon is actually a descendant of both the Norwegian Forest Cat and a mysterious, extinct domestic breed, which the Vikings could potentially be responsible for.
The ‘Maine Coon’ was made the official state cat of Maine in 1985. They are prized in Japan, Europe and the USA.

FUN FACT: Several Maine Coons made a debut appearance in the Harry Potter movies!

The Maine Coon has been described as ‘The Dog of the Cat World’. We lovingly refer to ours as ‘Dats’ or ‘Cogs’, as they really do feel like a mixture of the two.