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The Best Cat Tree’s for Maine Coons

The only Cat Tower I would recommend is the Cat Tree King.  It is sturdy and robust, comes flat packed from Sydney and can take the activity and weight of an adult Maine Coon cat.

URGENT – Regarding Lillies and Toxicity

URGENCY – REGARDING LILLIES Lillies are EXTREMELY toxic to cats. The most minute amount of exposure can cause significant harm - or kill. Even with the best veterinarian care, these flowers sadly cause many cats to pass. Ingesting the smallest part of any of the lily...

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What Not to Feed Your Maine Coon | Dangers to Look Out For

Take Care of Your Maine Coon! Did you know there could be lots of everyday items casually lying around your house that could pose a serious danger to your Maine Coon cat? There are just certain things you don't want them to eat, or get in contact with... it can only...

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Welcome to Paws Plus Claws!

We are a small semi-closed cattery. This means: Please DO NOT ask to pat or hold other kittens, or view the parents... refusal often leads to disappointment. This is NOT because we want to be mean - we're doing what we must to stop the spread of infectious diseases in...

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How to Check For Ticks and Fleas

CHECKING YOUR PRECIOUS PET FOR TICKS AND FLEAS One way to act as a responsible pet owner is to regularly check your beloved friend for harmful (and potentially fatal) parasites such as ticks and fleas. We recommend doing this on a weekly basis. If you're wondering how...

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How To: CPR For Your Cat

Save a Life: Learn Animal CPR For the Pet Owner CIRCULATION This is the final step of CPR, and should only be started after the A-airway and B-breathing steps have been completed. Make sure that there are no major (pooling/spurting blood) points of bleeding. Control...

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